About Us

Our research focuses on understanding the pathogenesis of diabetes at the molecular level. This metabolic disease afflicts millions of peHFD fructose Masson 20Xople worldwide, yet we still do not know the underlying cause. Diabetes affects many organ systems, including pancreas, liver, muscle, fat, bone, and brain, each playing a distinct role in disease etiology. Genetics and environmental factors such as poor eating habits, low physical activity, and stress combine to create the ideal setting for diabetes to develop and cause permanent damage (vascular and heart disease). Insulin-producing cells of the pancreas become exhausted and die; the liver produces excess sugar; and, fat is stored in inappropriIsletate locations (i.e. muscle, liver). We also know that metabolic abnormalities in one tissue often impact the health of another (organ cross-talk), adding layers of complexity. In our lab, we strive to understand the molecular events in each tissue that trigger disease and identify new ways to prevent, diagnosis, or reverse the metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin resistance and beta-cell dysfunction / death.

Our lab is located in the heart of Montreal at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM). We are affiliated with both the University of Montreal and McGill University. For more infoIRCM_edifice2-960x360rmation on specific projects, events, lab activities, and research opportunities, please following the links throughout our website.